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Menschlich’s core business is innovation and I am excited at being a part of the Menschlich’s growth story and I am sure each one of you is too.

Since its inception, Menschlich has continued to grow, evolve and consolidate its market place and is now embarking on an ambitious expansion plan with a quest to also become a world-class Pharma company.

We have an evolving business model for a sustainable future, with the aim to increase growth, reduce risk and improve our long-term financial performance, it focused around five strategic priorities- grow a diversified global business, deliver more products of value, simplify the operating model, create a culture of individual empowerment and build trust.

At the same time, our strategic priorities are underpinned by our responsible business approach and we are continually listening to our customers to understand their expectations.

Year 2023 promises to be a very exciting time for the aggregate Pharmaceutical sector as demand is expected to sustain. we need to focus on capacity expansion & more importantly utilization, efficiency and cost in operations.

We need to successfully launch new products and establish market confidence in the suitability of the same for applications. The marketing team has big challenge to overcome in this very important strategic objective, success of which will be critical to our long term goal besides consolidating our market leadership position.

The right project management skills for the start up of our two new plants in the future, successfully launch new products in the market and most importantly win customer confidence and become a supplier of choice. In achieving all of this we would have also made Menschlich a great place of work, for all our employees.